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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Los Angeles, CA

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. Fodor recommends the procedure to women with excessively large breasts. The operation is designed to reduce the bulk of the tissue and to move the nipple and areola upward to the position it was in before the breast became excessively large and/or pendulous, or to the “ideal” position. The surgery usually involves both lifting and reducing their size. The selection of an appropriate surgical technique for any specific patient depends on a number of individual factors including size, shape, skin thickness, and laxity.

There are many techniques; in fact, this is probably among the plastic surgery procedures with the greatest number of possible approaches. In most instances, a very pleasing result can be obtained by selecting any of several methods.

What Should I Consider Before the Surgery?

One of the main drawbacks of the procedure is scarring. Undergoing the procedure is thus a tradeoff: a more visually attractive, comfortable breast in exchange for some level of scarring. Depending on age and bust configuration, certain new methods may be used to minimize the scarring. In some patients, liposuction, which involves far less scarring, may achieve the ideal shape and contour.

The most minimally invasive, and in Dr. Fodor’s opinion still highly underutilized, technique is lipoplasty only breast reduction (LOBR). Rapid recovery, virtually undetectable scars, and no sensory changes or loss of ability to breast feed are some of the major advantages. Though not all women seeking breast reduction are good candidates for LOBR, Dr. Fodor believes this approach could be selected for many more patients. In women for whom nipple/areola position is not sufficiently improved through LOBR, a lift procedure of a lesser magnitude than previously would have been necessary can be carried out at a later time. In Dr. Fodor’s experience, this happens much less often than anticipated. LOBR also serves well for the older patient group, many of whom for health or other reasons prefer to have a smaller operation, even with the trade-off of some residual droopiness.

What Should I Expect After the procedure?

After the procedure, some patients may need to stay overnight in a recovery facility. A simple bandage is applied following surgery and a smaller sized bra will need to be worn for three weeks. The sutures, if not absorbable, are removed at intervals beginning about seven days after the surgery. The last sutures are usually removed two to three weeks later.

How Much Does Surgery Cost?

The cost for the surgery will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for surgery. At your consultation Dr. Fodor will be happy discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

Call today to schedule your consultation to begin your path to a more confident you! Contact this plastic surgeon in Los Angeles today.

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