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Vaser Smooth

VASERsmooth™ in Los Angeles, CA

If you live in the Santa Monica, CA or Beverly Hills, CA area, and are concerned about skin surface dimpling known as cellulite, in areas such as your outer thighs, abdomen or buttocks, etc. there is now a new surgical modality through which you can not only eliminate unwanted fat but also improve the skin surface.

How Does VASERsmooth™ Work?

This novel technique works through the use of VASERsmooth. VASERsmooth is a specifically designed ultrasound powered instrument that breaks apart fatty tissue. This technique will treat unwanted skin dimpling and contour irregularities.

How is VASERsmooth™ Performed?

Dr. Fodor, known in this specialty for his innovations in plastic surgery, was asked by Sound Surgical Technologies (SST), the manufacturing company of VASERsmooth Lipo, to determine the clinical applications of this unique method. Just as other Vaser Lipo procedures, VASERsmooth uses ultrasonic waves to break up the fatty tissues in your body which facilitates suction removal of the fat rendering the procedure superior to traditional liposuction.

What can I Expect After a VASERsmooth™ Procedure?

This approach is superior in certain body regions as well as for re-do operations. Some years ago, Dr. Fodor worked in conjunction with the physicists to develop VASER liposuction, also known as VAL. By taking advantage of this procedure stubborn areas of fat can be removed. Using VASERsmooth™ in combination with other on the cutting edge techniques, Dr. Fodor can provide you with a wide range of body sculpting procedures individualized for each patient’s needs to produce superior body sculpting results.

How Much Does VASERsmooth™ Cost ?

To find out more about, Vaser, VASERsmooth and other liposuction techniques in the Santa Monica, CA or Beverly Hills, CA area call us at 310-402-0322. At your consultation Dr. Fodor will discuss your goals to determine which course of VASER Lipo treatment is best.

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